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8 Channel 4-20Ma to RS485 Converter
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8 Channel 4-20Ma to RS485 Converter

Falcon Mini is a highly versatile and economical module having 8 Analog Inputs with RS485 port for online communication. Analog to RS 485 Converter is an ideal solution for SCADA applications in Process Industries. Analog to RS 485 Converter can be used along with PLC's thus reducing project cost substantially. Analog input to Falcon Mini will be 4-20mA so practically any input in process application can be connected. Falcon Mini is in DIN RAIL Mount enclosure thus reduces time in installation and space in the panel. Serial port RS485 - 2 wire with Modbus RTU protocol is provided. This feature makes Falcon compatible with all the standard SCADA software and PLC's used in Industry. DIN RAIL Mount Design reduces panel space

Technical Specifications
Input 4-20mADC
Channels 8 Channels
Serial Port Optically isolated RS485 - 2 wire port with MODBUS RTU protocol.
Supply 230 VAC / 110 VAC +10 %, 50 Hz
Cabinet 100x75x110 (WxHxD) mm