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Manufacturing Industries in various sectors require to monitor different process parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, humidity, level, speed etc during manufacturing process. Conventionally they are recorded periodically in operators log book that is manually filled. This often leads to problems such as data integrity, small sample size, possibility of human error etc. To overcome these problems a microcontroller based electronic instrument that senses these process parameters through different sensors and stores in its memory with timestamp and provides output as a hardcopy or softcopy is called as DATALOGGER. Dataloggers are also referred as Data loggers, Data recorders, Data Acquisition systems or simply Loggers. Depending on the application requirement dataloggers are single or multi-channel with specific sensor inputs or universal input and with different storage memory capacities. The data provided by dataloggers is used for analysing and improving manufacturing processes and thus improving product quality. It is now one of the essential part of every manufacturing industry.

Models :
  • Uniscan3200
  • Falcon 1600DL  
  • DL001
  • FIT DL  
  • DLP200
  • TabLogger

• Uniscan3200 - 32 channel Universal Input Datalogger 

Universal Input Datalogger_Uniscan3200
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Uniscan 3200 is 8, 16, 24 and 32 Universal input Scanner / Data logger. Type of input for each channel is through keyboard.Uniscan3200 provides common alarm relay output and alarm status is indicated on front panel LED. Memory full indication is also available. MODBUS RTU protocol for serial communication is provided for SCADA application. Data logging interval is user programmable in either minutes or seconds. Stored data can be printed DOT matrix printer and / or transferred to PC in Excel file format. Tag name and Engineering Unit for each channel. Batch wise recording facility. Data logging is batch wise with manual start / stop. Batch number is user programmable. Batch wise printing or transfer to PC. 20x 2 LCD Display is available. Parallel port for Centronics compatible DOT matrix printer and Password for Programming is available. Ideal for Pharma applications.

• Falcon 1600DL - 4 to 16 channel Datalogger 

4 to 16 channel Datalogger_Falcon 1600DL
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FALCON 1600 DL is a highly versatile and economical Data logger having Analog Inputs with Pendrive (USB) Facility and RS232 port for communication.

It can be used as :
1) Standalone Datalogger
2) Datalogging and Alarm annunciator
3) Datalogger with ON/OFF Control
4) Datalogging in Offline mode and analog input model with SCADA Connectivity

FALCON 1600 DL is 4,8,16 channel input data logger which has very high logging memory so data of several days can be recorded. Analog input to FALCON 1600 DL can be mA / RTD (PT100, 3 wire) / Thermocouple or Voltage. Recorded data can be transferred to PC through RS232 port in Excel file. Auto-Printout of data can be taken online at a settable print interval or manually you can take printout of all data which is recorded.Control outputs can be used with external relay module for control. The status is indicated on front LEDs. In-built pen-drive interface is provided for data downloading /recording. 4GB pen drive can be connected which is equivalent to 100 million readings per channel. Unique Backup Recovery feature allows you to recover lost data during communication failure. Data logger is used in many industries such as Pharma,foundary, Steel, Power, Cement, Water Pumping Stations, Educational Institutes, R & D labs.

• DL001 - Single Channel Datalogger

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DL 001 is to be used for single channel indication & recording applications. 7 segment RED LED display makes it visible from long distance. Pendrive(USB) Facility is available optionally . 4GB pen drive can be connected which is equivalent to 100 million readings per channel.Single channel data logger accepts 4 - 20 mADC linear input, the most commonly used signal in process industry. Single channel Data logger also has facility of Digital input (Optional). Serial port RS232 for downloading data to PC with ASCII protocol. Data Downloading Software with ASCII protocol comes Free with unit.

FIT DL - Flow rate Indicator Totaliser (Totalizer) datalogger

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Flow Indicator Totalizer with data logger model FIT-DL is having Dual functionality of flow rate indication and 8 digit flow totalizing. Flow Indicator Totalizer with datalogger is panel mounted instrument. Flow Rate indication, Flow Totalising, real time data logging for instantaneous flow. Facility to download data to USB Pen drive. Flow Indicator Totalizer with datalogger accepts mA signal proportional to flow rate from flow transmitters like DPT with orifice assembly, Rotameter, Magnetic Flowmeter etc. RS232 port is provided for data transfer to computer. Parallel printer port for Dot-Matrix printer is provided. Flow totalisers are used in all types of industries for measurement of flow of water, oil and other chemicals.

DLP200 - Flow rate + Line Pressure + Totaliser (Totalizer)

Data logger-Flow-Pressure-DLP-200
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DLP - 200 is a sturdy and compact datalogger for flow rate, Totalizer and line pressure. DLP200 accepts mA signal proportional to flow rate from flow transmitter and line pressure from pressure transmitter.Flow Transmitter can be DPT with orifice assembly, Rotameter, Magnetic Flowmeter etc. with output of 4-20mA. DLP - 200 has RS485 port with MODBUS RTU protocol. With this feature the user can monitor the data remotely to get instantaneous status of flow parameters. DLP - 200 has a special IP65 grade weather proof enclosure, thus making it suitable for outdoor application. Facility to download data directly on Pendrive is provided.


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Salient Features :

  • Data-logging system either LAN based or Internet based.
  • Recording on Tablet and then upload to Network Computer or Direct on Network Computer.
  • Recording and reporting software on computer compatible to Windows7 or 8 or 10.
  • Secured proprietary database.
  • Access control using multilevel user login.
  • Audit trail report.
  • Application customized data reports and graph.
  • Upgradable to multi-location data-logging system.
  • SMS and Email facility for Internet based version.