Flow Rate Indicator Totaliser with Controlled Output

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Net Heat Meter
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Net Heat Meter

Net Heat Meter is a Net Heat Calculator specially developed for Centralized Air Conditioning Applications which is mainly used in Building Automation Systems. NHM-393 is a net heat calculator supplied with RTD Pt1000 Temperature Transmitters for accurate temperature sensing. 8 Digit Net Heat Totaliser is an important feature of NHM-393. This totaliser makes NHM-393 a reliable energy meter for the total net heat consumed. Real Time Clock is used to calculate the totaliser values very accurate.Most reliable 4-20mA loop is provided for easy installation of the NHM-393 anywhere in the plant which is powered by unit.

NHM-393 calculates net heat consumed in chilled water air conditioning systems which supports all flow meters which will provided 4-20mA signal corresponding to volumetric flow rate. RS485 - MODBUS RTU protocol for serial communication is provided for energy management systems. Ideal for Building Automation Applications.

Technical Specifications
Input 4-20mA - 3 Nos for Flow Rate and Temperatures accepts and displays on LCD till 21.60mA
Logging Time Programmable from 1 to 240 second or minute or hour
Serial Port RS485 port with MODBUS RTU protocol for on-line communication
Cabinet Bezel: 96 x 96mm (H x W)
Depth: 110 mm
Cutout: 92 x 92 mm (H x W)